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In XNUMX, the Turkish government introduced a new system for obtaining Turkish nationality. People are eligible to apply Buy property in Turkey Deposits worth $ XNUMX or $ XNUMX in Turkish banks. In either case, the investment must remain intact for three years. People who make at least $ XNUMX in fixed investment, or XNUMX people Turkish citizens They are also eligible.

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Security of the country's investment Turkey It is one of the best investment centers in different branches, which we will briefly provide you with a part of the investment value in this country as follows; According to the latest statistics of the World Trade Bank, the country Turkey The opening of the world's largest airport in Istanbul is another successful achievement of the country at the beginning of XNUMX. The latest results obtained by the World Tourism Organization, Turkey is among the top XNUMX countries in the world every year. Attracting tourists, but the most important thing in investing is security in investment, which NATO membership confirms and guarantees the security of the country. The company's legal staff is proud to encourage entrepreneurs and investors in investment. Assist in real estate, industry and agriculture, and provide intelligent solutions to Turkey's advantages

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Buying a property in Istanbul, Turkey

The real estate and construction market in Istanbul will produce XNUMX new properties a year to meet demand. The government has always encouraged the real estate sector in Istanbul to establish and operate various economic sectors. Istanbul is the seventh active market in the European Union in XNUMX, according to the JLL'c border attraction index.
Let's take a brief look at the regions and prices to build an intellectual background on property prices in Istanbul.
The region and neighborhood of all countries and super cities of the world are very effective in determining the price of property. For example, proximity to urban centers or coastal areas is one of the most important materials for determining the price of a property.
For example, in the European region of Istanbul, in a section XNUMX km from the center, the average price of a house is about XNUMX lira, but in another property, XNUMX km from the center, it is priced at approximately XNUMX Turkish lira. However, the same property on the coast can be up to XNUMX times more valuable.
In general, in all of Istanbul, whether it is the beautiful Asian part or the European commercial part, the average of a good property for each square meter of gross is priced between XNUMX and XNUMX below.
The best luxury areas of Istanbul are in the Asian part of Baghdad Street, Goztepe, Bostanji, Savadiyeh, Kisikli, Chamlija, Altonizadeh and in the European part of areas such as Bebek, Floria, Besiktas, Sarir, Chengluki, Lunt. The average price in the luxury areas of Istanbul is estimated at XNUMX to XNUMX lira per square meter.

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