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medical services

medical services

Medical services in Turkey

Invest with us for your health

Global investment advisers with more than ten years of experience in finance, administration and real estate have taken steps to improve the quality of health care services since XNUMX by signing contracts with major medical centers and hospitals in Turkey, as well as international medical centers such as American Hospitals. Therefore, in coordination with the companies providing health insurance and treatment and obtaining insurance policies for dear compatriots with XNUMX to XNUMX percent discounts, it has been able to provide a safe way to receive clinic and hospital services.


Check-up service

Health check services in two types of ELİTE and VIP provide you with everything you need to know about your health by controlling more than seventy types of tests, health tests, and visiting specialist doctors.

All controls will be performed in first-class hospitals with services such as XNUMX-star luxury hotels. The health expert will accompany you step by step in all stages. All appointments and examinations are done online and automatically to provide you with unparalleled comfort


Global Investment Consultants Your consultant in the field Buy property And receive Residence in Turkey ، Buy a variety of properties in Istanbul And all the cities of Turkey


Cosmetic surgery services

With the increasing number of requests for cosmetic surgeries as well as para-clinical services, we have been able to provide a safe and experienced staff to make you more beautiful by reviewing the list of the best doctors and medical centers. Services for your health and beauty and controlled costs with discounts by insurance companies up to XNUMX% of the related costs


Hair transplant services

World-class technology, up-to-date knowledge and excellent services have all come together to make your hair transplant very easy. Services worthy of your honor, services that you will find yourself not in a hospital but in a hotel. With discounts of up to XNUMX%, the costs are covered by insurance companies.

All things around Medical services in Turkey And treatment is possible with prior coordination in the best hospitals in Turkey with experienced staff and qualified doctors.ا , تماس get.





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