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According to a decision published in the official gazette on September XNUMX, XNUMX, some provisions regarding the transfer of foreigners to Turkish citizenship have been changed. Turkish citizenship is granted directly to foreigners who buy at least $ XNUMX in real estate in Turkey.

Question: How is the citizenship application process done in Turkey?

Response: When you buy a property worth more than $ XNUMX, get it Turkish citizenship You send your request to the General Directorate of Land and Cadastre (Tapo Office). Upon your request, they will review the assessment report and bank transfer documents. The Tapo Office approves citizenship documents within XNUMX to XNUMX days. With the approval of citizenship, we go to the office on the same day and without waiting for an appointment, to allow simultaneous residence
We will refer to immigration. With the approval and residence permit, we will finally refer to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship. Following Tapo's request, the entire process is followed at the Special Citizenship Information Office in Istanbul and Ankara. They finalize citizenship within XNUMX days

Question: Will my family also become Turkish citizens?

Response: Yes you, your spouse (or spouse) and all children under the age of XNUMX (on the date of application) Turkish citizenship Receive.

Question: Do I have to buy a property worth more than $ XNUMX, or can I buy a few properties in total?

Response: You can buy several properties for a total value of more than $ XNUMX. You have to shop for everyone at the same time. The TAPO will accept citizenship applications if the declared value is more than $ XNUMX.

Question: What is the responsibility of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development?

Response: The ministry, with loyal appraisers, checks the value of the value stated in the document law if the value of the purchased property is above $ XNUMX. The entire value of the property must be paid by bank transfer to the property sellers.

Question: How do I calculate the dollar and lira exchange rates?

Response: On the date of application, the Office of Documentation (TAPO) calculates the exchange rate at the value of the Turkish Central Bank (effectively satış kuru).

Question: How long does this process take?

Response: It lasts for XNUMX days. Government to reduce time, an office Turkish citizenship Special has opened.

Question: Are there any important points I need to know?

Response: The ministry wants to make sure the property is worth at least $ XNUMX. Real estate appraisal companies believe that this should be done to prevent fraud in the price. Appraisers may have up to XNUMX% error (difference) from the selling price. Therefore, Global recommends that you choose a property whose value has been calculated correctly.

As we offer the best prices for apartments, we guarantee that the price of what you buy for citizenship will be the same in the evaluation reports. We will recommend the best real estate price to match the appraisal report.

Question: If I had all the conditions, would I be granted citizenship automatically?

Answer: No, the approval of citizenship is subject to the approval of the National Security Units, which does not pose a threat to national security.

Question: Can I buy and earn Turkish citizenship by investing in commercial real estate with rental income?

Response: Yes, any property purchased will be covered by this law. Here you can check out properties with rental income.

Question: The application for Turkish citizenship seems complicated. Will you help with this process?

Response: The Global Investment Advisory Group will be with you to get the official document transfer process and, consequently, the steps to obtain citizenship without any problems.

Question: I don't have time to travel to Turkey. How can I get Turkish citizenship?

Response:If you send a power of attorney to the Global Investment Advisory Group, we will accompany you from start to finish.

Question: In a real estate document, how many people may have their names mentioned?

Response: Only one person and a first-class family can become citizens.

Question: I have already bought a property in Turkey, can I apply for citizenship?

Response: Applications for a real estate document after XNUMX (at the TAPO office) can be obtained through Turkish citizenship investment.

Question: Should I revoke my current citizenship when I become a permanent citizen of Turkey?

Answer: No, Turkish law allows you to have dual or multi-citizen citizenship. It depends on the rules of your country.

Question: Should I serve in the Turkish army if I am granted Turkish citizenship?

Response: There are several answers to this question. If your child is under the age of XNUMX, when they reach the age of conscription, yes, they are required to perform military service. There are two conditions for citizens; You have the option to choose between two countries. If you have already completed military service, you may need to prove it. For people over the age of XNUMX, it is necessary to ask in the application whether there are special conditions in the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship for appropriate information in this regard.

Question: Which nationalities may apply for a Turkish passport? 

Response: All nationalities who are able to Buy property in Turkey They can apply for Turkish investment in Turkish citizenship.

Question: Will my mother and father also receive citizenship in Turkey? What about a child over the age of XNUMX?
Response: Good

Question: I have an unhealthy child (disabled) over XNUMX years old? What about his condition?

Response: Your child, who is unable to take care of himself, can obtain Turkish citizenship through his parents by presenting credible documents proving the child's condition.

Question: Is it necessary to live in Turkey to receive citizenship?
Response: No.

Question: Should the applicant's family be with him at all stages?

Response: No, only the applicant must have all the documents required by his or her family members.

Question: Is an interview or test required at any stage?
Response: No.

Question: Can an applicant have any job or business in Turkey?

Response: Yes. For professions and occupations such as medicine, lawyers, etc., it is necessary to refer to the relevant bodies for the approval of the documents.

Question: What are the documents required for citizenship?

Response: The Global Investment Advisory Group helps you get all the documents you need after you buy the property with us.

Question: The citizenship process may take XNUMX months. Is a residence permit issued during this application process?

Response: Residence permits are issued to you and your family on the basis of (No. XNUMX/XNUMX-J). We will receive a residence permit on the same day after the property is approved and without any waste of time.

Question: Is it possible to have dual nationality in Turkey?

Response: Yes, Turkey is one of the countries that allows dual nationality You have to, but you have to check with your consulate about your original nationality because some countries like India, China and Saudi Arabia do not recognize dual citizenship or have certain restrictions on it.

Question: As a citizen of Himatlos, how can I get Turkish citizenship?

Response: When you buy a property worth at least $ XNUMX, you can apply for Turkish citizenship by presenting a document confirming your statelessness. (Travel document issued by the United Nations.)

Types of citizenship in Turkey

Citizenship through Investment: In XNUMX, the Turkish government introduced a new system for obtaining Turkish nationality. Individuals are eligible to purchase property worth $ XNUMX or deposit $ XNUMX in Turkish banks. In either case, the investment must remain intact for three years. People who make at least $ XNUMX in fixed investment or employ XNUMX Turkish citizens are also eligible. (Read more about citizenship by investing in Turkey.)

Turquoise system: In XNUMX, a turquoise system was introduced that allows people with skills or characteristics in technology, economics, sports, culture and the arts, as well as business executives and investors, another type of citizenship that provides almost full citizenship rights. He asks. (Read more about the turquoise card system)

Holders of residence and property licenses: Any owner of a property in Turkey who has resided in Turkey for XNUMX years and has been continuously and uninterruptedly in this country for XNUMX years can list the conditions required for a residence permit without interruption according to Article XNUMX of Law XNUMX. There is no minimum value for the property.

Birth: The easiest way to be born is in a family with a Turkish mother and father. According to Article XNUMX of Turkish Civil Law No. XNUMX, citizens born in a family where at least one of their parents is Turkish have the right to receive citizenship once. Alternatively, if the mother or father succeeds in their request, it will be extended to their children. Anyone who has lost a Turkish citizen can also apply again.

Marriage: Many foreign nationals have acquired citizenship after three years of marriage to a Turkish person. To do so, certain conditions apply, including living together, avoiding behaviors that could harm marital relationships, and not posing a threat to national security or public order.

The main steps in obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment

XNUMX: Open a bank account: Open an account with the name of the buyer in one of the Turkish banks.
XNUMX: Investment: Carrying out necessary investment transactions such as transfer of real estate document, cash deposit, purchase of government bonds and…
XNUMX: Residence permit application: Applicants must have a valid residence permit when applying for citizenship. However, residence permit holders can live abroad as long as they wish.
XNUMX: Turkish citizenship application: After obtaining your residence permit, you can apply for Turkish citizenship immediately. No physical presence or interview is required during the application process.

Documents required for obtaining Turkish citizenship by the investment program

- application form
- Valid passport
- XNUMX passport photos for all family members
- Birth certificate
- Residence permit or valid tourist visa in your passport
- If necessary, documents that show your relationship with your spouse and children (marriage certificate, birth certificate for children)
- If applicable, a copy of the Turkish identity card and residence address of the applicants in Turkey
- Receipt of tax payment request
- Evaluation report
- Bank receipt with payment of at least $ XNUMX
- Certificate of ownership or notarized commitment to purchase the property

The application process in general

Global Investment Advisory Group from the beginning of the process Buy property in Turkey To obtain Turkish citizenship through investment It will help you until you receive your passport.

For other types of citizenship applications, if you live in Turkey, you must apply through the regional office or through the consulate if you live outside of Turkey. The required documents and the type of application will vary depending on your circumstances.

They can include passports, birth certificates, residence permits, marriage certificates, Turkish ethnic identity numbers and photos. Applicants must also be interviewed in Turkey.

The duration of the application for citizenship in Turkey depends on the specific circumstances of the applicant, but the information to Day It can be obtained from the Ministry of Interior. According to the terms and conditions of Citizenship Law No. XNUMX, if your application is rejected, you can apply again at your place of residence.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

- Spouse / children under XNUMX can obtain citizenship at the same time as you.
- When you apply for citizenship, you are not required to declare assets or income that you currently have in other countries.
- You do not have to live in Turkey permanently for a certain period of time to be eligible for citizenship. You can live abroad and apply for citizenship from there to get a residence permit soon.
- You can travel to many countries without any hassle.

Many of these countries allow Turkish citizens to stay for XNUMX to XNUMX days without a visa, and some countries also grant e-visas online upon request.

Chat Release Visas between Turkey and the European Union have been in place since XNUMX. Turkish citizens have the right to travel to Schengen countries without a visa, in which case XNUMX European countries will be added to the list of XNUMX countries. That Turkish citizens can travel freely.

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