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Immigrating to Turkey through education

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Turkish student visa and an introduction to it

Immigrating to Turkey through education In this article, the study conditions in Turkey are analyzed scientifically. All the important points about the Turkish student visa are described in the rest of the article. In recent years, many interested people have applied to study in Turkey and obtain a Turkish student visa. Therefore, this article is dedicated to the study conditions in Turkey. If you want to get a Turkish student visa and you want to research it, follow the article and get comprehensive information about it. experts Global Investment Consultants They are always ready to answer your questions about obtaining a Turkish student visa.

Turkish student visa and general conditions

You usually need a student visa to enter or study in any country. Turkey is no exception. Iranians do not need a Turkish tourist visa to enter Turkey for tourist purposes and can visit Turkey for XNUMX days. During this time, it is not possible to study and work in Turkey. Therefore, in order to study in Turkey, you need to obtain a Turkish student visa. But first you have to choose your major and university or educational institution and get accepted, then you can apply for a Turkish student visa.

After graduating from high school, you can apply for university education in Turkey. Studying in Turkey Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees are possible.

Turkish study visa and study in Turkish schools

Studying in Turkey It is possible for children in preschool, elementary and high school. Preschool in Turkey is optional and is taught until the age of six. The primary course is compulsory and lasts XNUMX years. High school education is possible in high school or vocational school, and students study up to the age of XNUMX for a maximum of XNUMX years, and studying at this level is compulsory.

Primary and secondary education in public schools is free for all Turkish and foreign students. Education in Turkish schools is in Turkish, but students must also learn a foreign language. Some private schools in Turkey also offer bilingual education. Foreign students who want to study in Turkish schools must pass a test to show their ability to study in Turkish schools.

Turkish study visa and undergraduate study

If you are planning to study in Turkey for a bachelor's degree, in order to obtain a Turkish student visa, you must first choose your field of study and university and be accepted by the desired university. Turkish universities are renowned in the fields of art, science and architecture. The most popular undergraduate courses in Turkey are teacher training, business, international relations, biochemistry and medical engineering, architecture and journalism.

Turkish student visa and postgraduate studies

As stated earlier, if you are planning to study at a Turkish university, you must first choose your field of study and university to obtain a Turkish student visa and be accepted by the university in question. At the master's level, Turkish universities also offer a variety of courses for foreign students. The Turkish government provides quotas for foreign students at universities every year, and you can check the capacity of universities to check your chances of being accepted. Almost any major can be obtained with a master's degree from a Turkish university, but the most popular are architecture, business, management, international relations and engineering.

Turkish study visa and doctoral studies

Doctoral studies in Turkey usually take XNUMX years. To get admission to Turkish universities for a doctorate, you must prepare a research proposal and correspond with university professors. The university and the committee of supervising professors will review your proposal and if a supervisor is approved, you will be selected and you can earn admission to the university. Some universities may require an entrance exam. With admission to the university, you can apply for a Turkish student visa.

Turkish student visa with scholarship

The Turkish government has set aside a state scholarship for international students, thereby encouraging international students to study at Turkish universities. This scholarship provides a good opportunity to study at Turkish universities. Currently, scholarships are only awarded to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. Turkish scholarships usually include tuition, accommodation, insurance and travel expenses. To get this scholarship, you must be fluent in Turkish and, if necessary, take a Turkish language course. Students can apply for this scholarship based on their academic day, the important points for obtaining this scholarship are the average scores in the previous academic courses and the university entrance exam.

Immigrating to Turkey through education and tuition and living expenses

Before applying for a university in Turkey and obtaining a Turkish student visa, you need to check the tuition and living expenses in Turkey. The cost of a bachelor's degree in English is between $ XNUMX and $ XNUMX a year, and a master's degree in English is between $ XNUMX and $ XNUMX a year. The monthly cost of living will be between $ XNUMX and $ XNUMX, and the book will cost between $ XNUMX and $ XNUMX per semester.

Turkish study visa and introduction of Turkish universities

Turkey has XNUMX public universities and XNUMX private universities, all of which are open to the public. There are two universities in Turkey that rank below XNUMX in the world rankings. Some of the Turkish universities that offer their courses in English are listed below:

  • Istanbul Aydin University
  • TED University
  • Bilkent University
  • Koc University
  • Istanbul Sehir University

Immigrating to Turkey through education and its types

To study in Turkey, you need to obtain a Turkish student visa. Depending on the type of course a person chooses, different types of visas will be offered by the Turkish Embassy. The types of Turkish student visas are as follows:

  • Internship visa
  • ERASMUS Internship Visa
  • AISEC Internship Visa
  • Visa for studying Turkish language course
  • Visa for short-term study courses
  • Study visa
  • Study visa in the Republic of Northern Cyprus, Turkey

After admission to the university and obtaining an admission letter, you can apply to the Turkish embassy for a Turkish student visa and submit your application by submitting an admission letter and other documents. Given that a visa may take one to two months to complete, plan accordingly on the start date of the semester.

Turkish student visa and residence permit

By obtaining a Turkish student visa, you can enter Turkey to study. All foreign students who intend to stay in Turkey for more than XNUMX months must apply for a Turkish residence permit. The application for a residence permit must be made after arriving in Turkey and must be made within ten days of arriving in Turkey. If you are applying for a student residence permit in Turkey for the first time, you have XNUMX days to complete your application form. The required documents for the first student residence permit application are as follows:

  • Passport and photocopy
  • عکس Photo snippet
  • Documents required to show financial ability during your stay in Turkey
  • Valid health insurance
  • Student letter
  • Tax receipt that covers the costs of the residence permit
  • These two items are also required for people under the age of XNUMX and must be stamped by the Iranian embassy:

Parental consent

Birth certificate

Immigrating to Turkey through education and the documents and conditions required to obtain it

All foreign students must study in Turkey Study visa for Turkey To take. The process of migrating to Turkey through education is simple and clear; Deliver the confirmation of admission from the desired university along with the visa application form to the Turkish Embassy in Iran. Your application will usually be notified after two months. In general, the required documents include the following:

  • Letter of academic acceptance from the educational institution
  • Passport; Under Turkish law, a passport must be valid for at least two months after the visa expires or expires.
  • Visa application form
  • Passport photo
  • Financial proof
  • Pay visa application fee

Pay attention to these tips for Immigrating to Turkey through education You will need to apply for a Turkish student visa at least two months before you intend to enter Turkey, as the visa issuance period may be extended. If the visa application is rejected by the embassy, ​​the amount paid for your application will not be refunded. All applicants must have health insurance valid for the duration of their stay in Turkey.

Immigrating to Turkey through study and residence with family

Your family can enter Turkey as a tourist to stay for XNUMX months. If family members wish to stay longer, they must apply for a mobile residence permit. Family members must apply for a residence permit during their short stay. The validity period of the mobile residence permit depends on the validity period of the student's residence permit, but it is generally issued for up to two years. The family includes a spouse, children under the age of XNUMX and children over the age of XNUMX. Some universities in Turkey also allow students to stay with their families The .

For children born in Turkey, you must apply for a residence permit within six months. Parents must obtain a birth certificate at the time of birth and apply for a residence permit.

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