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Why invest in Turkey?

Turkey is always known as one of the suitable countries for temporary and permanent residence (having a Turkish passport). Especially in recent years, the reception has increased significantly. The reasons for the increase in the desire to live in Turkey and obtain permanent residence can be related to the following:


  •     Turkey's economic growth
  •     Increasing Turkey's tourism industry
  •     Easy rules for living in Turkey
  •     Low cost of living in Turkey
  •     The country's chances of joining the European Union are high
  •     Strong universities scientifically
  •     Ability to register a company and take advantage of it
  •     Receive a valid bank account

Get to know Turkey better

Turkey is a Eurasian country in the Middle East, part of which is located in Europe, and is one of the most developed countries based on the republican system. This government was established in XNUMX under the leadership of a person named Ataturk. The geographical position of this country is such that it has access to the sea from three sides, from the north to the Black Sea, to the south of the Mediterranean Sea and to the west of the Aegean Sea. The countries adjacent to eastern Turkey are Iran, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia, to the northwest are Greece and Bulgaria, and to the southeast are Syria and Iraq. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, but its capital is Ankara, a beautiful country that has always been one of the main destinations for domestic and foreign tourists.


Turkey is a country with several different climates:

Yes, you heard right, Turkey is a country with several different climates, coastal areas close to the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean, with a temperate Mediterranean climate, areas bordering the Aegean Sea with a cool and humid ocean climate and Summer is relatively hot. It goes without saying that the highest rainfall is in the Black Sea region. The driest regions of Turkey are Malatya and Konya plains. The hottest months of the year in Turkey are May and the driest are July and August. In general, Turkey is a relatively rainy country Living in Turkey Makes it more enjoyable for those interested in temperate climates.

What is the population of Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most populous countries in the Middle East, with a population of over XNUMX million people! According to the country's statistics center, Turkey will reach a population of more than XNUMX million by XNUMX. Thus, the cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Million, Bursa and Antalya are in the first ranks of the most populous cities in this country. In general, the population is more concentrated in areas where agriculture and trade are more prosperous. Meanwhile, the least populated city in Turkey is Tunjali, with a population of XNUMX, near the Iranian border.

Turks make up XNUMX percent of the country's population, and the remaining XNUMX percent are ethnic Kurds, who live gradually in the east and southeast of the country.


What is the culture of the Turkish people like?

Before we get into the cultural issues of this country, we need to know that the people of this country are very warm-hearted, kind and hospitable and have a lot in common with the Iranian people. Turkey has a very diverse culture and the reason is nothing but the many migrations and invasions that have taken place in recent decades.


In fact, Turkey is a fusion of Asian and European culture

It is a Turkish custom for a woman to use her husband's last name after marriage. Unlike Europeans, Turks are very interested in prolonging their relationship, so the longer and deeper a relationship is, the greater the commitment and commitment. There is also a great diversity in Turkish music and art, so that the music of this country is a combination of traditional Turkish, Iranian, pop, American and موسیقی music.

The courtship ceremony in Turkey is such that first the girl and the boy agree to marry; Then, in the second stage, the families get to know each other and decide on the wedding.

Religion of the Turkish people:

This country has always been the origin of different religions and most of the people of this country are Sunni with a population of about XNUMX million! Of which XNUMX million are Alawites, XNUMX million are Shiites and XNUMX are followers of other religions or without religion. Turkish Muslims are mostly Sunni, with the Hanafis being the largest group, living mainly in central and western Turkey. Also, the existence of mosques and various churches with their own architecture and beauty has shown the respect of the people of this country for different religions.

 What are the living conditions like in Turkey?

How is Turkey economically?

Turkey's most important economic resource is tourism, which brings a lot of annual profits and turnover. The country has about XNUMX million tourists a year. But in general, the modern / traditional economy of this country is based on agriculture and is expanding every day, with XNUMX% of the country's labor force working in this field. Flax, tobacco, olives, etc. are important agricultural products, and clothing, equipment, transportation materials are Turkey's export products. The currency of this country is the lira.

In XNUMX, due to the low value of the lira and high inflation, the government decided to eliminate six zeros from the country's currency.

Cost of living in Turkey:

Naturally, the cost of living anywhere in the world depends on the person, place and area of ​​life, the type of food and clothing, and so on. But the average monthly cost of living in the country is about XNUMX to XNUMX lira, equivalent to $ XNUMX to $ XNUMX. Tuition at Turkish public universities is free. Tuition fees at private universities are between XNUMX and XNUMX lira per year, and tuition fees at semi-private universities are between XNUMX and XNUMX lira per year.

But in general, living conditions in Turkey are more similar to Iran than European countries.

Experience living in Turkey shows that:

 The average rent for a XNUMX-meter house is about XNUMX or XNUMX lira.

The cost of each liter of gasoline in Turkey is XNUMX lira.

Payment for transportation and use of public transport (boats, buses, subways, etc.) is done in both cash and electronic. It can be added that transportation costs in Istanbul and Ankara are slightly more expensive than in other cities.



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