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Foreign Nationals have the freedom to buy housing in Turkey. Becoming homeowner in a country like Turkey where real estate and construction sector are very vibrant is also good investment method. Now, look at some advantages of becoming homeowner in Turkey for foreign nationals.

You will have a Durable and Quality House
Turkey has been experiencing a great transformation at construction and real estate area in recent years. Therefore, newly constructed houses should exceed certain quality standard. Especially in newly constructed houses, smart home technologies are used, measures required for natural disasters like earthquake are taken. We can say that all of these are an indication that the house you will buy will become a smart investment tool both now and in the future.
You have countless option
Housing eligible for each enjoyment and each budget is found in Turkey. Among many options like separate house, flat, residence, summer cottage, farmhouse, villa, etc. you can choose the one most convenient to you. If you purchase house in metropolitans such as İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Antalya, etc. you can take advantage of the social, cultural and economic opportunities these cities offer. However, as with many investors, by purchasing house in southern coasts, you can always enjoy breath taking Turkish coasts, the sun, sea, forest. You only want; possibilities in Turkey are close to endless…
You obtain Regular Rental Income
Let us assume, you have purchased housing in Turkey but you want to continue living in your country. In this case, remaining empty of your housing in Turkey is nearly impossible. Because, thanks to increasing population, there is need house to let termly in Turkey. Therefore, you can rent your house for the periods you do not utilize and get regular rental income.
Neighbourhood Relations in Turkey are Excellent
Turkish people are friendly and attach great importance to neighbourhood relations. In the building at which you become a homeowner, you can set up long-termed friendships. Thus, when you are not even at home, you do not leave with something left undone. In case of presence of any problem, you have friends to trust. But one point should be noted: good neighbourhood relations never mean that your private life will be intervened.
You can gain Turkish Citizenship Right
According to the law coming into force recently, the foreign nationals who purchase immovable valued at minimum 1 million Dollars in Turkey will have Turkish citizenship right. In other words, by buying housing in turkey you can become both homeowner and Turkish citizen.
What to do to purchase property in Turkey by Foreign Nationals?
Foreign nationals can purchase immovable like housing, workplace, land, field, etc. provided that they comply with the limitations indicated in the law. If foreign national is to buy land or field, he/she should inform Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in two years about what type of a house he/she will construct on this land

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