Why Turkey?


Muslim country offering democratic and Westernised lifestyle.
One of the Best Climates in the World throughout the year.
Safe, Happy and Wonderful environment to settle with family.
Traditionally very hospitable, tolerant and welcoming manner to all foreigners.
Fantastic nature, wonderful beaches, green forests and lakes
Excellent food, globally renowned Turkish cuisine, one of the few countries offering food security
Superb Health Facilities
Superb Educational Facilities
High Quality of Life
Easy to do Business
Regional Powerhouse
Highest GDP rate per capita when comparing with other CIP jurisdictions:
One of the largest and strongest economies in the World
G20, NATO Member
EU Candidate Country
Prospective Visa free travel to EU (Schengen zone) for all Turkish Citizens,
Easy to obtain long-term, multiple entry visa to EU, US, Canada, UK and Australia for Turkish citizens
Strong, Independent Legal System and Courts
Fair Tax System
Perfectly located, nestled between Europe, Asia and the Middle East and Africa
Opportunity to relocate and live in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful and developed towns in the World or any other part of Turkey
Superb Educational Facilities

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How can we help you?
How can we help you?