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Our professional advisors consist of Department of Justice attorneys, comptrollers, and corporate financial counselors will advise and guide you in every step of the way for you to wisely choose your investment based on your financial ability and preference.

We will finalize your transaction by submitting official documents, completing required registrations and the delivery of your investment to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At Global Advisor Turkey our counselors are guided by the belief that our clients deserve not only to enjoy their home, the surrounding ambiance and have a peace of mind with loved ones but to enjoy the benefits of a sound investment. Therefore, our services and our loyalty do not end at the completion of the transaction. We will be here for you, ready to help and advise you if you should need to sell or rent out your property.

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Our Team

Mohammad Naseri


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Ensar Yurduseven

Ensar Yurduseven Chief Accountant

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Emine Yilmaz

Emine Yilmaz Sales Expert

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Ismaeel Guzun

Ismaeel Guzun Lawyer first grade

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