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Turkish Citizenship


Foreigners wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship may become citizens by the decision of the ministry if they meet the following conditions.

The applicant must have the power of adult and discrimination under the law of the country of citizenship, and if he is stateless, he must have the power of adult and discrimination under the Turkish Civil Code No. 4721,

Applicants must be persons residing in Turkey without interruption for five years before from the date of application. A foreigner who asked to gain citizenship can be found outside of Turkey within not to exceed 12 months in total residence time wanted to apply. The period spent outside the periods of residence in Turkey is evaluated.

Foreigner should confirm with the behavior that decided to settle in Turkey. (Buy a real estate in Turkey, investing, build a business, transfer the trade or business center to Turkey, to work in a workplace with permission to work or to marry a Turkish citizen, family appeal, having the relatives who previously gained Turkish citizenship such as father, mother, children or siblings, or to complete education in Turkey.

In terms of general health, there should be no dangerous disease,

He/she must have good morality (he/she should give confidence to its environment and behaviors in the society, and should not have bad habits that are not welcome and contrary to the values of society),
To be able to speak Turkish at a level that can adapt to social life,
The person must have income or profession to ensure the livelihood which is obliged to look at itself and dependants in Turkey,
The person should not be in a position to endanger national security and public order.


A foreigner who wishes to acquire Turkish citizenship, if he/she provides the conditions specified in the law, Turkey can give our citizenship to them with the decision of the Ministry. If you become a Turkish citizen by a decision of the national authority, your spouse’s citizenship status will not change. On the date of the acquisition of the citizenship of one of the parents, the children whose custody has the right to acquire Turkish citizenship upon the consent of the other spouse. If the other parent does not agree, the action is taken according to the judicial decision of one of the parents’ settlement. Children of parents who acquire Turkish citizenship together will also acquire citizenship. If the children of the parents who have not been treated with them apply for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship after they become adults, the provisions of the article on the general acquisition of Turkish citizenship shall apply to them.

How to Acquire Turkish Citizenship? 

There are different options to get a Turkish citizenship. 

• Purchase properties worth of 250.000 USD instead of 1.000.000 USD *with a deed restriction not to sell for 3 years

Especially as of 19.09.2018, after the disclosure of the decision on the official gazette, the required wages to be a Turkish citizen have significantly dropped. Thus becoming a Turkish citizen became easier than before, as anyone purchasing a minimum 250.000 USD worth of real estate can benefit from Turkish citizenship advantages.

• Deposit 500.000 USD cash in Turkish banks, instead of 3.000.000 USD *with a condition not to withdraw for 3 years

• Buy government bonds worth of 500.000 USD instead of 3.000.000 USD *with a condition not to sell for 3 years

• Hire 50 employees in your company, instead of 100 employees.

• Via work permit and getting insurance after 5 years

• Turkish citizenship through marriage to a Turkish person

Benefits of Turkish citizenship

Being a Turkish citizen provides you a wide range of advantageous circumstances.

Best Country For You and Your Family

Your spouse and children under 18 years old can acquire citizenship together 

with you at the same time.

• Turkey has effective education institutions and a high-level healthcare system

• Your family can be included in your citizenship process

• Turkey is one of the most cost-effective country to live in

• You can get your Citizenship and passport between 60-90 working days

• When you get Turkish Passport you will get FREE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

Business Opportunities

• No minimum residency required if you apply by investment

• Turkey has many trade agreements enabling various priorities for investors

• You can take advantage of Customs Union Agreement between EU and Turkey

• Benefit from the 20% drop in estate prices

• Turkey’s real estate market had a 20% increase in the transactions in 2019

• If you get your Turkish Passport with investment program you Military Service is  not required

• Getting bank loan from all Turkish banks

Travel Opportunities

When you apply for citizenship, you are not required to declare your assets or 

income that you currently have in other countries.

• Turkish passport allows you to travel to more than 115 countries

(On top 30 passports in the world)

• List includes Japan, South Korea, Singapore major countries in Asia and South 

Personal Liberty

• Turkey is a democratic and reliable country

• No requirements to dwell in Turkey

• Double citizenship is allowed in Turkey

• Turkish citizenship open to most nationalities

• You will receive a Turkish ID with your Passport

• After getting your Turkish Passport you don’t need to declare your wealth

Free Education and University Reimbursement Plans are provided

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  • EUR
  • TRY